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Specialized Remora Aero Storage

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skladování potravin na horní rámové trubce, který poskytuje aerodynamickou výhodu.

> Bezpečně nese výživu na kole energetické gely,
> Snadno pojme 4 gely nebo 1 bar a 2 gely

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399 Kč s DPH

Více informací

Food storage on the top tube that provides an aerodynamic advantage.

Securely carries nutrition on the bike—energy gels, bars, and chews
Easily holds four gels or one bar and two gels
Mounts on the top tube for quick and easy access
Drag-reducing design fits in the low-pressure zone directly behind the stem
Bolts onto the top tube of the Alias and other bikes with similar mounts
Includes universal strap mounts for fastening to other bike models